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We all know kids spend an unprecedented amount of time glued to their phones, tablet, TV–you name it. We don’t know what the effect of this “screen time” is on their health and habits, but so far, it doesn’t look good.

At Kirkwood’s Summer Camp, kids can disconnect from their screens–and have real fun. Our well-trained and friendly staff keeps them safe, and help facilitate games, swimming and boating at our waterfront, nature exploration, time on the zip-line, and a lot more.

There’s a lot to do at Kirkwood, but maybe the most important part is not what our kids do–it’s how they do it. No screens means face-to-face relationships, where kids can make friends and learn more about themselves and what they like outside of YouTube.

This could also be your retreat experience for your youth group. Or family reunion. Or Men’s group. Or leadership retreat. We’re a summer camp in the summer, but we are open 12 months out of the year and love hosting. We hope to see you soon!

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Registration for Summer Camp 2018 is open! Click here to see our Summer Camp offerings.


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