“I can’t believe we did that!”

These words from a camper this summer sum up the effect Kirkwood can have on someone–surprise, celebration, achievement, and joy.

Your support makes the little moments and big successes at camp possible.

Scroll down to see more pictures of the new, camper-created campsite, “Woodmine.”

Donate to Kirkwood today, and:

  • Support ministry where it started–outside, in God’s creation.
  • Help us put our best foot forward with our facilities and property–so that those who find renewal at Kirkwood may do so without sacrificing quality or comfort
  • Sponsor the little moments at camp. Whether it’s a campfire on a cool fall evening, a morning sunrise service in spring, ski retreats in winter, or swimming in the pond during the summer time, your gift sets in motion the things that make these moments possible.
  • Make a difference–send a kid to camp for a week that could change a life.
  • Be a part of a good story. Help us build bridges that connect everyone to God, to creation, and to others.

Our campers and guests thank you for helping sustain Kirkwood as a special place. You can use buttons below to donate an amount of your choosing securely with a credit card or your paypal account.  For questions or concerns, please call us at 570-421-8625.


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