We are a small, but energetic staff. We love Kirkwood and want you and everyone you know to be connected here. Running a summer camp is weird, and we all get to wear multiple hats. Often, we all spend several hours a week “working” somewhere besides the office–like in a canoe, in a ditch, on a hike, in a church, on the road, at a fair, deep in the woods, etc. Get to know us better–read below.

Our Team:

Ford Behne, Program Director:

Joining our staff and moving to Kirkwood full-time in spring 2019, Ford is a long-time camp pro and champion of, and in, the outdoors. He spent four years on the staff at Camp Hanover in Mechanicsville, Virginia in a number of roles, including being an all-star counselor, unit director, trip leader, and fixture during retreats in the fall, winter, and spring. Ford took 5+ months in 2016 to thru-hike the Appalachian Trail, stopping off at Kirkwood for rest and renewal (it’s our thing) along the way. 2017 brought both Ford and his trail partner, Mike “Badger” Mayfield, to the Kirkwood summer program. Since then, Ford has worked on the staff of the Sarah Dooley Center for Autsim, also in the Richmond area.

At Kirkwood, Ford has been integral in jump-starting our Adventure programs, and feels most at home when he is outside. Aside from the outdoors, Ford loves coffee, building immense fires, and working with kids.

Ashley Hernandez, Office Manager/Registrar:

Ashley is in her third year with us at Kirkwood. As our main office-person, she does a little bit of everything, but our guests and parents know her well as she keeps up with our Kirkwood family. In Spring and Summer, Ashley is the go-to person for camp registration, and would be happy to answer questions about that process or help you complete it–she is a registration back-end wizard. Ashley also is the primary contact for guest inquiries and rentals, not to mention she loves weddings and wants more of them to happen here. In her spare time, Ashley likes to read, craft, volunteer, and watch movies.

Tommy Campbell, Director:

Tommy is in his fourth year here at Kirkwood as the Director and head of staff. Having had many formative faith experiences at similar camps in Virginia, Tommy is passionate about summer camp and youth ministry. People often wonder, “What does a camp director do in the winter?” Besides welcoming several guest groups monthly to the Kirkwood property, Tommy also works with the board on long-term planning, does most of the marketing for Kirkwood (like us on facebook!), occasionally is the camp/retreat guest cook, visits churches and has been known to do pulpit supply, and generally anything else that needs to get done to keep things moving. Tommy, of course, loves summer camp, especially fair-weather canoeing and all games involving a disc.

Bill Yaden, Facilities Manager:

(This is not a picture of bill–it’s a placeholder until we upload one. Pretty accurate though. We do not own the rights to this picture and it is not an endorsement of any kind)

Expert Facilities Manager Bill Yaden is the longest tenured member and former resident of Kirkwood, working here off and on since the late ’90s. Bill can fix pretty much everything, and does more in his part-time hours here than many could do with a full schedule (check out our beautifully maintained facilities!). But, Bill isn’t just mister fix-it; he has been drawn to Kirkwood for so long because of his personal faith and belief in our mission. Multiple people have remarked that Bill is one of the nicest people they have met, and has been compared, accurately, to Mr. Rogers.

An elder in the Presbyterian church, Bill is also a veteran member of the U.S. Coast guard. When he’s not helping somebody or fixing something, you might find him captain-ing a boat on the Delaware or working on a car somewhere.