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Our campers call Kirkwood their home away from home.

We hope this summer that your child will find their home at Summer Camp with us too.

We don’t just get kids in through the door. During their week of summer camp, we want to get to know each camper and be a part of their life’s journey.

Our small-group model has campers creating their own small group community of kids their age that’s new every single week.

As a faith-based non-profit, our program is different from other camps. That means you can trust that your kids are going to love it here.

Our Summer Camp program is safe.

Other summer options may leave your kids with staff who are under-trained or aren’t passionate about what they’re doing. Our camps are led by carefully selected and intensely trained staff. They’re great role models for your kids who will remember them for the rest of their lives. And, our supervision is comprehensive to make sure everyone in our community is safe physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Plus–We have an RN and EMT on staff and on-site this year, to help better take care of each camper’s unique needs.

AND–we are accredited by the American Camping Association. That alone immediately puts us ahead of the 4/5 camps nationally that do not go through the same rigorous standards that we do to make sure we are doing camp the best way possible.

Our Summer Camp program is fun.

We’ve honestly got too many activities to do here in just one week of camp. We are encouraging, energetic, and enthusiastic, and we will challenge your kids in the right ways so they aren’t even thinking about the fact that their video games are lying dormant at home (if you’re the parent of a video game lover, we highly recommend Fantasy Camp!).

Our program is friendly.

We welcome all kids, and we meet them where they are. We are especially a great camp for kids staying away from home and family for the first time. Summer Camp Counselors are kind and caring, and choose this job because they want to make a difference this summer.

Every kid is unique and different. We are ready to give each camper unique and individual attention.

Other summer options like STEM Camps, Sports Teams, mega-camps, and big conferences aren’t always the same. Sometimes they push kids too hard. Sometimes they try to “teach” kids too much. Sometimes they are too big, and kids get lost. Or, they’re the right size…but the staff don’t care or aren’t trained well enough. And, in most cases, we are less-expensive or a better value than other options.

Our campers are engaged and encouraged by our staff. Kirkwood’s small group model lets our campers choose the activities they do each day.  The counselors of each group serve as their role models, guides, and support system.

Our program is faithful.

We create space for kids to get to know Jesus. And, to get to know the bible better, to ask questions, and listen for who God is calling them to be. We are open to all denominations and we do not push a particular agenda or commitment. Kirkwood summer campers leave empowered in their faith and able to make choices about their spiritual life. However–there is strong evidence that our program makes kids want to 1) attend church more 2.) be more active at church and 3) have more faith conversations at home.

Our program is creative.

With a full slate of camp programming, our campers keep coming back year after year without getting bored with the same old camp activities. Scroll down to see all of our camp options!

We are less than an hour from the Lehigh Valley, and 90 minutes from Philly/Newark/Reading. We also provide a bus service from the Plymouth Meeting Mall in Philadelphia to and from camp. Camps are for 1 or 2 weeks.  Summer Camp is for rising (fall 2019) 3rd-12th graders.

Kirkwood is a place where kids have fun, are loved by our staff, and leave with more confidence in themselves, and with a stronger relationship with God. Pretty good criteria for a “home away from home.”

So what are you waiting for? Summer Camp starts soon!!! Click to start a registration now. Or, scroll down to see a video and information on our different camps.

Because we know you’re busy, check out Kirkwood Summer Camp Info for a quick showcase of the very basics of our program.

Our Summer Camp Brochure (click) also is a great guide to who we are and what our program’s like.

You can scroll down to see our many different camp offerings. When you’re ready, start a registration by using the right hand menu–It says “Register for Camp.”


We only have four year-round employees, so if you get in touch with us, you know you are getting a friendly face (more at the staff page). If you don’t find the information that you need here, or if you are in a hurry and want us to reach out to you, please contact us!

Traditional Camp

Sleep inside, play outside–and have an unforgettable week at camp. At Kirkwood, you will have the opportunity to make new friends, try new things, explore the woods, and have fun! Your counselors will be there to help you decide what to do during your time here, keep you safe, and make sure you get to have a chance to do as much as possible. Stay every night in one of our new cabins, or in the Stroup House lodge–all with nice new bathrooms and air conditioning. It will be the best week of your summer.

Sunday-Friday, offered three times: July 7-12, July 21-26, August 11-16 $395 • $495 • $530

Click here to register for a week of Traditional Camp!

Fantasy Camp

Overwhelmingly our Summer Staff’s favorite camp in 2018, we are excited for another week of fantasy camp. Magic forests, secret trails, mysterious puzzles, competition between kingdoms…this will be one week at Kirkwood unlike any other. Arrive on Sunday with a few extra “costume” items in your bag, and spend the first days of camp getting to know the campers in your group, enjoying camp activities, and thinking of your “alter-ego”…then, Kirkwood transforms into another world. This is Kirkwood with a lot of extra flavor, and if you like TV shows involving the fantastic, RPG video games, books that rhyme with “Larry’s Otter,” or anything in between, this is the week for you. Our “game” will have an immersive storyline and well-balanced mechanics–and will just be flat out fun. This is the second year we are offering this, one-of-a-kind, and very, very cool camp week.

Sunday-Friday, offered once: June 23-28 $415 • $495 • $530 Rising Grades 3-12

Click here to register for Fantasy Camp!

Joy of Creation

Our most popular camp every year, Joy of Creation brings out the creative best in everybody! Campers will get to choose their own independent areas to focus on for the week, led by expert staff and local volunteers. Classes vary year to year (so they can be led by the best talent available), but past classes have included songwriting, crafts, drumming, dance, improv, outdoor survival skills, and many more. Come express yourself with us at Joy of Creation week!

Sunday-Saturday, offered twice: June 16-22, July 28-August 3 $395 • $495 • $530 Rising Grades 3-12

Click here to register for Joy of Creation Camp

Mystery Camp


It’s all you know and love about Kirkwood–with a little twist. Work with the campers in your group over the week to put your heads together, follow the clues, and solve a mystery! You’ll also get to sleep in our air-conditioned buildings and enjoy Kirkwood’s many program activities, like swimming, boating, and hiking. But you will have to keep your eyes peeled…you never know when a clue might appear!

Sunday-Friday, offered once: July 21-26 $395 • $495 • $530 Rising Grades 4-6

Click here to register for Mystery Camp!

Senior Music Camp

For Joy of Creation week graduates and newcomers to Kirkwood, this will be a week to focus just on music. Take a lead role in planning daily worship, make up some new graces, and spend your time singing and having fun. Campers of all talent levels welcome.

Sunday-Friday, offered once: July 14-19 $395 • $495 • $530 Rising Grades 9-12

Click here to register for Senior Music Camp!

Art Camp

Want to leave your mark on Kirkwood? With Art Camp, you’ll spend your week with a group of like-minded artsy friends working on cool projects that will keep your hands busy. You’ll have projects to take home, but also the opportunity to create new beauty that will hang around at Kirkwood for years of campers to come. There will also be plenty of time for our other awesome Kirkwood camp activities. Spend the week creating and crafting at Art Camp!

Sunday-Friday, offered once: July 14-19 $395 • $495 • $530 Rising Grades 6-8

Click here to register for Art Camp!

Night Owl Camp

The flip side of traditional camp, explore the other 12 hours of every day after dark with Night Owl camp. You and your group will live in your own platform tent village, cooking out dinner every night and getting to explore camp long after everyone else is in bed. 2018 Night Owls will go later, sleep longer, and do a whole lot of new nighttime activities never done before at Kirkwood.

Sunday-Friday, offered twice: July 7-12, July 14-19 $395 • $495 • $530 Rising Grades 6-12

Click here to register for Night Owl Camp!

Two-Week Adventure

The only two-week camp we will offer in 2019, your adventure group will pack two weeks with all that Kirkwood has to offer, and add a lot extra. Sleep in your own platform tent village, explore the woods, camp-out, and learn outdoor living skills. Over the weekend, your group will head off-site for a canoe trip on one of the major rivers close to Kirkwood, with the opportunity to sleep out at the water’s edge overnight. Join us for a major adventure.

Sun-Sat, offered once: July 14-26 $815 • $895 • $1150 Rising Grades 7-9

Click here to register for Adventure Camp!

One Week Adventure Camps

Junior Adventure

New last year, this camp filled up the fastest out of all of our camp offerings–so don’t wait! Master the woods with our Adventure staff, learning new skills like advanced fire building and wilderness survival. The highlight of the week will be when we take a trip over to the nearby Delaware National Recreation Area to tube down the river! Don’t forget–you’ll have the opportunity to sleep in our tent village for the first time and make it your own. This camp will only be offered once, so don’t miss your chance!

Sunday-Friday, offered once: July 7-12  $455 • $515 • $605 Rising Grades 4-6


Senior Adventure

It’s Adventure Time, when we bring back our one-week Senior High School Adventure Camp. Think you know Kirkwood? You and your group will find out, with opportunities to explore all 300 acres and make it yours. Towards the end of the week, we will take time off Kirkwood property to explore the beauty of the Poconos. This camp is perfect for new campers, and Kirkwood veterans–especially platform tent lovers–and it only happens once!

Sunday-Friday, offered once: July 7-13 $515 • $605 • $695 Rising Grades 9-12

Click here to register for Adventure Camp!

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