Frequently Asked Questions

Hey! You might be having some extra questions about our summer camp program. Here are the most asked questions we get, and hopefully the answers you may be looking for:

How long is camp?

In 2017, we are running six 1-week sessions. Currently we don’t offer any sessions longer or shorter than one week.

When do I drop my kids off/pick them up?

All camps run from 3-4pm Sunday to 9:30am Saturday. We do not start our registration process until 3pm on Sundays and appreciate you being prompt  on Saturdays so we can prepare for the next week!

Are their discounts?

Currently we offer two discounted/subsidzed prices–Tier 1 and Tier 2. The Tier 3 price is also subsidized, but less so, and more accurately reflects the cost of hosting campers. We understand that families have different abilities to pay, so we try to offer these options to make camp affordable for all.

What about financial assistance?

It is a part of the mission of Kirkwood to provide a camp experience for all, regadless of family financial circumstances. We do have funding for partial and full “camperships” outside of our regular tiered pricing system. You can contact us directly for more information.

Is it too late to register for camp?

Some sessions do fill up pretty early, but we usually have some “wiggle room.” So get in touch!

I heard there’s a bus to Kirkwood?

Yes! We do offer a bus ride from the Church on the Mall parking lot at the Plymouth Meeting Mall near Philadelphia. The bus leaves promptly at 1pm this year, so please arrive 20 minutes early with copies all of your campers neccesary paperwork, if needed. There is a charge of $45 per camper for the round trip (occasionally we can use campership money if assistance with this is needed).  The bus returns on Saturdays between 11:30am-12pm.

What kind of paperwork will I need?

In addition to the basic information we collect during the registrationg process, we also need a completed medical form, plus a health exam “check” from your child’s doctor (basically just saying that they have had a physical in the last 12 months), a signed waiver form giving us explicit permission for camp activities, and a copy of your health insurance card. It is really helpful if these are sent in electronically two weeks prior to the start of your camper’s session. All of these forms can be found under the “parent resources” section of this website. Somtimes there are hiccups that aren’t a big deal–if you are having trouble with any of the above, call us.

My child has special medical considerations. What can I expect?

Camp is a ton of fun. To make sure that everyone can play hard, we have a trained nurse on staff to take care of our campers and staff. Normally we can handle a wide variety of special circumstances. Not every child is the same, and the summer camp experience may not be a good fit for some children. If you are concerned or have a question, please let us know!

How is the food?

It’s great. Seriously. We have well trained and experienced food service management staff who make delicious and nutritious meals. We are also usually able to accomodate dietary restrictions, including parents needing to send special food for the week.

Can I send my camper a package?

Sure! Campers love to get stuff while at camp. We would really love it if you please please please please (seriously…please) do not send snacks or food! Camp takes place in the woods, and so if we have food in living areas, we will have critters in living areas. That is not fun for us, or for your (and everybody else’s) children. Currently we hold on to snacks sent to campers until the end of the week…so you might as well just save them until Saturday anyways. Thank you so much for helping us with this.

What if my camper is scared about being away from home for so long? What if I’m scared about my camper being away from home for so long?

Almost every camper has missed home at some point. It’s a natural part of going away to camp. It’s also natural for you to miss them too! They will be ok (and so will you). We train our staff for weeks to make sure they can take care of your kid(s) safely, and help them have a great time making friends and participating while they are here. We are fully accredited by the American Camping Association, and have been for a long time. They just visited us last summer to make sure we are practicing the safest way to do camp–and we are! So a little seperation anxiety is normal–but after a week with us, our campers don’t want to leave!

What is your policy on phones?

We are super adamant that the best camp experience is one of disconnecting from our internet/phone/social media driven world. At this point, we are so connected to these things that seperation anxiety from screens is pretty normal too. For a number of reasons, we encourage your children to leave their phones at home. If our staff see electronics, we do confiscate them until the end of the week. We cannot be responsible for phones and other personal property. So please make sure your campers do not have any electronics when you drop them off. Thanks!

Yeah, but what if they need to call home?

99% of the time, it is better if campers do not talk via phone to parents/guardians during the week. In the rare case of a medical emergency or really bad homesickness, the camp staff will call the appropriate parent or guardian to notify them. Of course, you’re the boss here–if you, for one reason or another, feel that you need to talk to your child at any point, or need to schedule a phone call, we can accomodate that. Just please keep in mind that we recommend this as a last resort.

My kids just left camp a week ago, and they want to come back before the summer is over! What do I do!?

This happens a LOT. Just let us know! We usually have a little room and can make this happen really fast. Plus, to come back for a second session is only $325! So let’s do it!